New Website update

Another crazy year is coming to and end and we are finally almost finished with the new ordering system for our website!  The original idea was to have the back end for our customers ready by summer and the public side finished by now, but progress has been very slow as we find more and more things that need to be done to make this site as efficient as possible for ordering and drop shipping for our customers. At this point I hate to promise any specific dates for the website launch but we are hoping to launch the back end before the end of the year and then immediately get working on MDArtGalleries so we can launch next year as soon as possible.

I have to thank everyone who has been helping test the site. I know it has been exciting seeing everything and using the tools but frustrating to not have the capability to use it for ordering yet. We are working very hard every week to create a unique experience that is easy to use and efficient enough for us to handle a spike in ordering and shipping!

This will be the last posting before we email invitations to use the new site. You will get the email very soon!!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season this year!